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I love it when I’m on Amazon and can “search inside” a book. I also like looking at the statistics about the books–they tell you the statistically improbable key phrases, show you a concordance, and publish the text stats. Which is all cool.

I also love Google’s book search. They have all kinds of books there, and they also have links of where to buy the book.

Microsoft once had a Live Search Books, and they’ve discontinued it.

So of course I wanted this for myself–Soul Identity should be available for searching and buying everywhere! Here’s what I went through to get onto these sites.

Google’s book search

  1. Start at Google’s books partner page and register for the program
  2. Add a book – you need your ISBN, title, author. You can even set a “Buy Link”, which can link back to your publisher page (I set mine to’s, because I did this before I went live with amazon) Suggestion: Use your ISBN-10. I used my ISBN-13, and I think it confused the system.
  3. Upload the files. Google requires a pdf for the book content, and two jpg files for the front and back covers. They have a good tool for handling the upload.
  4. Wait. My status was “processing” for a long time before it was all there, but after a week, the book was searchable. Check it out here.
  5. Adjust settings. You can decide what %-tage of the book is available for people to read online. I chose 70% – I think they default to 20%. One thing I liked: they don’t include the last couple pages of each chapter in their preview.

Amazon Search Inside the Book

  1. Register with Amazon’s search inside program. Note: I filled out the form when my Amazon processing was still half-baked, and I had to redo it later.
  2. The form calls for entering the ISBN of your book. Suggestion: use the ISBN-10, just like above. Amazon seems tied to ISBN-10 here, just like Google.
  3. You’ll get a welcome email from “Inside the book – submissions”, which will ask you to send a book in the mail, or send them a request for access to an upload web page.
  4. Send an email to “”, asking for an upload account.
  5. You’ll get an email from “SITB PDF Uploads Manager”, which asks you to log in to, where you’ll see a special confirmation code.
  6. Log in and get the confirmation code, and reply to the email message with the code.
  7. You’ll get another email from “insidethebook-submission” telling you your account is confirmed.
  8. Log into amazon. You’ll see a prompt on the left for upload pdf’s. Click there.
  9. Upload. Similar to Google, you can upload a pdf of the book content, and jpg’s of the covers. Or you can upload a single pdf which contains the covers and book (this is what I did).
  10. Wait. Amazon says pdf’s take 3-5 weeks, and I just did it today… once it gets there, it should show the “search inside” logo on Soul Identity’s Amazon page…    *note: it’s there now… but the text stats/concordance aren’t :-(

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5 Responses to “Searching Inside”

  1. “the Amazon processing was still half-baked” — Hi Denis I filled out the Amazon SITB form three times but never got a confirmation page. A day later I’m still waiting for a confirmation email. Is that nornal?

  2. i gotta tell you, i also had problems with amazon’s sitb. i had to re-file myself, and now (finally), my page shows up (without the stats, but at least you can get surprised, or read an excerpt). what i did the second time was:
    1) only put text in the book
    2) put separate jpg files for front/back/binding
    3) put them all in a zip file
    4) re-uploaded.

    this time it took amazon 18 days. i also didn’t get a confirmation, but it did work.

  3. Thanks, Dennis. FYI just got this email back:

    “Please be aware that our process for scanning physical books currently takes 8 to 10 weeks from when we receive an approved title to complete. PDF submissions typically take 3 to 5 weeks.”

  4. Woo hoo! Submitted my materials November 5. Searchable on Google November 22 and on Amazon November 23. Still nothing on Microsoft Live but it looks like that feature isn’t a big priority with Microsoft.

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