happy birthday, scott waverly!

today is scott waverly’s 3rd birthday.

i started writing “soul identity” on january 1, 2006, as part of a new year resolution. we had arrived in india for a 2 year stint the previous july, and i had promised myself that i wouldn’t return before getting the novel out of my head and onto paper… it had been kicking around inside of me since 2001.

we had flown to the philippines right after christmas for a wedding on my ex-wife’s side… this allowed us to see the three older kids. it also allowed us to pick up a pregnancy test kit in singapore (we could find none in india), and irina confirmed her pregnancy with her second (my fifth) the day before. we assumed irina, her mom, and nicholas would be returning to the states at some point to have the baby, and i’d be left alone, and this was my motivation to get the book started, so it could keep me company during the year we’d be apart.

seven months later the first draft was done. christopher was born in august, and irina came to india in march to help me pack and return to the states. i published “soul identity” in july, and i immediately started on “soul intent”.

“soul identity” came about in 2001 when irina and i went on vacation to aruba with my uncle and aunt (the inspiration behind george and sue). my uncle was explaining his current spending spree: he said, “because coffins have no pockets.”

and then i asked myself, “but what if they did have pockets?” and the organization of soul identity was born. then i spent the next four years trying to figure out a story to write around the organization, and come up with a way to actually identity a soul: one that could have worked 2,600 years ago.

i modeled scott on me: he’s a lot quicker with his comebacks than i am, and he doesn’t have any kids, but he’s got a hott russian girlfriend, great parents, and he loves his security stuff, just like me. i put characteristics of my family into many characters, and used their middle names (my twin girls’ middles names are rose and marie), and hijacked some characteristics from an old boss and made him my villain.

and that’s the story of scott and soul identity :-) happy birthday, scott!

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