Heading toward the big screen…

I’m so jazzed about this news: Night Owl Entertainment, LLC (www.nightowlllc.com) has optioned the rights to create a screenplay and then a feature film of Soul Identity!

From their web site: “Night Owl Entertainment is an independent film company formed in 2004 to develop and produce high quality, low violence, efficiently budgeted projects. Working in all genres and targeting specific audience niches, Night Owl endeavors to create exciting, edgy, emotional, marketable films with a high IQ and a low violence quotient.” Night Owl’s run by co-presidents Ephraim Schwartz and Armand Garabidian, and they seem as excited about this opportunity as I am.

And although I’m thrilled that Scott and Val and Archie and Madame Flora may really end up one day on the big screen, what makes me really excited (and just a wee bit humbled) is that Night Owl believed enough in Soul Identity to take a bet on it: they’re off in some dark hole getting their draft written, investing their time and money to give this a shot.

There’s probably a-thousand-to-one odds of the screenplay making it all the way through the system until it’s a movie in a theatre near you, but I can’t imagine being happier than I am already. Thanks, Night Owl, for your belief in Soul Identity!

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