Producing an eBook

Amazon is about to announce its Kindle eBook reader, and I thought it was time to get Soul Identity available in eBook format.  I had thought that eBooks were mostly good for technical book and porn, but maybe Bezos is onto something, and it’s really about to take off this time.

Anyway, it was simple to get it published, both on MobiPocket and on Amazon’s kindle page. Here’s what I did:


  1. Went to and downloaded the MOBIPOCKET eBook Creator. This only runs on Windows.  I also downloaded the MOBIPOCKET eBook Reader, which runs on lots of platforms, phones, and PDAs – including Blackberry.  (The reason I went with mobipocket: they’re owned by Amazon, and they have reselling relationships with hundreds of other eBook retailers.)
  2. Started the creator and used the easy wizards to create the content. It was really simple to do. I think the Word option was best.  One thing to remember to do: set the Metadata properly. I used a new ISBN (and registered it on you can’t share ISBNs on print and eBook versions.
  3. On the “build” panel, chose the “Content Encryption with DRM” option. Note: you probably want to do the “No encryption” first, so it’s easier to see what it will look like.
  4. Used the “deploy” panel to upload to mobipocket. The software gives you an option to sign a publishing agreement – this was very convenient. They sent me an activation email, and I was ready to go.
  5. Clicked on the activication email’s link, and “activated” my eBook.
  6. Set up a “promotion” for the eBook edition of Soul Identity – it’s only 99 cents until the end of the year.

Mobipocket pays 35% royalties for all downloads. So I won’t get rich off the 35 cents/copy, but I think that getting me out there and maybe getting some buzz going is more important.


  1. Signed up with Amazon’s DigitalTextPlatform (you use your Amazon account info).
  2. On the DTP page, added a “new item” and entered the product details (I reused the same ISBN from above)
  3. Used my MobiPocket creator (see above) to create a “no encryption” version of Soul Identity.
  4. Uploaded the file onto the DTP page
  5. Entered a price (I used the same price as MobiPocket: since I was using the same ISBN)
  6. Clicked “Save Entries” at the bottom of the DTP form
  7. Clicked “Publish” at the top of the DTP form
  8. Waited 12 hours, as requested, for amazon to update their central servers. **note: after 12 hours, it’s almost there – no price yet, but the page showed up a few minutes ago.

Good luck to Amazon with their kindle! If it works, eventually my kids won’t have to lug around so many pounds of textbooks… they can carry a single kindle and a notebook.

Click here to see the eBook version of Soul Identity on MobiPocket. It’s less than a buck – don’t you think it’s time to see what it’s all about?

Click here to see the kindle eBook version of Soul Identity on

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7 Responses to “Producing an eBook”

  1. I just read your first book, Soul Identity, on iBooks for the iPad and enjoyed it very much.
    I am a bit disappointed that the Soul Intent is not available for the iPad. Any plans for this to change? (Am I correct in assuming that Apple is to blame?)

  2. Just wanted to correct my earlier oversight, as I was able to purchase and read the new book through the Amazon Kindle app for the iPad.

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