Research, research, research

I feel like I’m earning an advanced degree on how US technology was used in post-war Germany.

My next novel has Scott and Val investigating a sixty-year-old robbery, and the story is told by a young Archie and Flora and how they assisted an ex-Nazi attempting to join Soul Identity before he’s executed.

My first novel, Soul Identity, is set in the present day (which I know), and took place mostly in Maryland, Massachusetts, and India (where I’ve lived), and had a heavy reliance on today’s technology (which I use). I researched to verify things I already knew.

But now I’ve had to read a bunch of books on the Nuremberg trials, learn about color photographic techonology of the 1940’s, figure out how to drive a 1944 Willys-Overland Jeep, trace the various Nazi gold legends, and search for salt mine locations all over Central Europe. I’ve had to sort through thousands of photographs of rubble to find what buildings still stood at the end of the war.

I know I’m not done; just this morning I spent three hours searching for what US Military railroad tickets looked like – all for a six word sentence.

I have gained a lot of respect for the amount of research a historical fiction author goes through. And I also feel bad about how little of what I learn will actually make it into the book.

I know the time spent on the research will make the next novel not only thrilling, but also authentic and informative… stay tuned!

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