Dennis Batchelder"... I write for my readers. I want to impact their lives, and I want them to set down my book and say "ahhhh". I want my writing to give them a new perspective, teach them something new, and above all else, entertain them. A reader invests precious time into a book that she's bought or borrowed, and I feel it is my duty to make her feel that her time was well-spent..." - Dennis Batchelder

Sou Identity

"Batchelder has a flair for telling a story and involving his readers. Right from the get-go of a riveting prologue there are the elements of suspense, sexiness, and humor thatabound throughout the book."
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"Twists and turns, deception and murder mixed with new age double-speak and new millenium techno-savvy."
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Soul Intent

"Here is another author you will wonder why you missed until now. Dennis Batchelder's Soul Intent: a Soul Identity Novel, the sequel to his debut novel, Soul Identity, once again illustrates his mastery of concise and riveting story-telling coupled with the interweaving of familiar themes as personal ambition, deception, revenge, retribution, self-preservation and greed, all mesmerizing his readers from the very first chapter."


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